Greetings Albuquerque


So, you’re planning a trip and you’ve decided to not bring your critters.

As you may know, there are lots of choices today to make this work. There is the option of a kennel. And although I would say that’s an okay choice, I would not call it the best. You might come back from your trip and find that your little one has become traumatized for a number of reasons… Being separated from home and family is highly upsetting. AND, if that’s not enough, perhaps there are many other critters creating a number of disturbances. Lots of barking and other strange noises, Your critter could end up feeling alone and terribly unhappy. So your return home may end up being rather stressful for you as well.

You might even consider having a neighbor come in while you’re away. Not bad if you can get that. What you may not want is tensions between you and your neighbor should something go awry. And hopefully no such thing would happen.  You might even consider leaving your critter at home by its self for a few days or so… Not really recommended though. 

But wait, you might consider having a professional pet sitter come and stay with your critter at home. And even have your critter come stay with me.